We’ll go to Atlanta and sleep there

08:20, it’s time for our arrival in Buenos Aires. Our friend Julien picks us up at the airport to take us to the apartment in the Palermo area. We put our things down, take a shower and here we go to discover the Argentine capital.

It is 08:20, we wake up by the takeoff of the planes and the continuous flow of cars, in the hotel “Quality” next to the airport, facing the highway. We stayed in Atlanta….

When travelling, there are city galleys and field galleys. The adventure in the farms having not started, here is our 1st galley in the city of Atlanta.

The first sign of concern appears in Paris, when the hostess asks us if we have our travel authorization, called “ESTA”, to travel to the United States. Fortunately, she quickly reassures us:” It’s okay, you’ll just say you’re in transit.”

For those who do not know, ESTA is the form that Americans have developed to prevent terrorists, drug traffickers and other child eaters from landing on their soil. Everyone knows, you have to answer “no” to each question, pay 20 USD and welcome to America!

Upon arrival at Atlanta customs, the question is asked: – “
Do you have ESTA?
– Uh… we are in transit!?”

The wrong answer is that we go from customs officers to customs officers and end up locked up like Mexican illegal immigrants within four walls.

Two hours later, we hear our names on the microphone, the automatic door opens. We meet Williams, our chief customs officer in charge of our case. He’s the perfect look-alike of one of Superbad’s two cops (left below). Our plane leaves in an hour and Williams has no intention of hurrying. Fairplay, he still warns us: “it is possible that you may miss your flight!

Then follows a crossover with Maylis between the waiting room and the customs counter, between distress, hope and despair. Williams decided it would take time, we finally realize, our plane is going to leave without us and we’re going to sleep in Atlanta!

While waiting for the galleys of the fields…

Finally, we did well, we were able to take the next flight 24 hours later, the company (Delta) covered the hotel and meals in Atlanta.